Nifi Api Cheat Sheet

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Get A token

/root/curl/bin/curl -u admin:#####  -k -i  -d "username=admin&password=#####" -X  POST https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/access/token 

=> This token is then used on the next API calls

Get cluster info (node ids…)

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X GET https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/controller/cluster -H 'Authorization: Bearer [TOKEN]'

Get process group info Here we’re getting the root processor group info

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X GET https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/process-groups/root  -H 'Authorization: Bearer [TOKEN]'

Get sub process groups of a process group Here we’re getting the root processor group’s sub processors info

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X GET https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/process-groups/root/process-groups -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'

List all processors of a node Here we’re getting all the processor od the node_id= 7c84501d-d10c-407c-b9f3-1d80e38fe36a

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X GET https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/process-groups/7c84501d-d10c-407c-b9f3-1d80e38fe36a/processors -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'

Stop a processor Here we are stopping the processor_id = 87dcf945-0159-1000-ffff-ffffd9f4c984

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'  -d '{"revision":{"clientId":"[name of user]","version":"[version number]"},"component":{"id":"87dcf945-0159-1000-ffff-ffffd9f4c984","state":"STOPPED"}}' -X PUT https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/processors/87dcf945-0159-1000-ffff-ffffd9f4c984

Delete a node (not disconnecting, which is different) Here we’re deleting the node_id = 9116d192-184e-4538-9986-0dc68a04c119

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X DELETE https://[hostname]:9091/nifi-api/controller/cluster/nodes/9116d192-184e-4538-9986-0dc68a04c119 -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'

Send data to a HandleHttpRequest processor

curl -v -X POST -k -d "coucou" http://[hostname]:3000  --header "Content-Type:text/xml"

Get all groups (users/groups)

/root/curl/bin/curl -k -i -X DELETE https://[hostname]/nifi-api/tenants/user-groups -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'
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