Connect To Kerberized Thrift Server Dbvis

Connecting DbVisualizer and DataGrip to Hive with Kerberos enabled

Your thrift server may be SparkThriftServer or Hiveserver2

Prerequisites Direct connexion Via a proxy (VPN)
1. The thriftserver but be reachable through the proxy N Y
2. Kerberos server must be reachable through the proxy N Y
3. Add the following parameter to DbVisualizer in DBViz Tools > Tools Properties > General > Specify overriden Java VM properties Y Y
4. Create a environment varaible KRB5CCNAME = c:\tmp\CCCACHE N Y
5. The kinit must be done with the java used by DbVisualizer Y Y
6. Add -A option to your Kinit N Y
7. The krb5.ini file must be in c:/Windows Y Y
8. Specify the correct hostnames in the krb5.conf. And the defautl REALM ( default_realm) should be the one used for your cluster Y Y
9. Get TimeVeil JDBC Driver : Y Y
10. You must kinit before opening de DBViz Y Y

JDBC connexion chain :

  • Transport Mode = Binary : jdbc:hive2://[FQDN serveur Thrift]:[PORT]/default;principal=hive/[FQDN serveur Thrift]@[REALM]
  • Transport Mode = HTTP : jdbc:hive2://[FQDN serveur Thrift]:[PORT]/default;principal=hive/[FQDN serveur Thrift]@[REALM];httpPath=cliservice;transportMode=http
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