Hello Docker With Docker Machine

You may run docker containers on your host or on VMs that are running on your hosts. In this article we will run our springboot application in a docker container that is running on a VM. This VM will run on virtualBox and will be managed by docker-machine.

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1. Install Docker and VirtualBox

1.1 Install Docker

Download from docker.com

1.2 Install VirtualBox

brew cask install virtualbox

2. Instantiate virtual machines with docker-machine (needs VirtualBox installation)

Create a VM called machine1

brew install docker-machine
docker-machine create machine1
docker-machine ls
docker-machine ip machine1
docker-machine ssh machine1

3. Run your springboot application in a container on that new VM

Set your environment to let docker run its containers on that new VM

eval $(docker-machine env machine1)

Run an image into a container on machine1

docker run -p 4000:8080 legabz/hellokube:swagger

List the containers running on machine1

docker ps

Stop machine1

docker-machine stop machine1
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